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Our Story

Monique L. Armstrong discovered the joys of baking when she was very young. After trying her hand at baking cookies, pies and cakes she settled on the chocolate chip cookie. At first, she used the recipe on the chocolate chip bag, but Monique believed she could improve on that basic recipe and develop her own unique soft-baked chocolate chip cookie.

The Christmas she was 14, Monique sent a dozen of her chocolate chip cookies to her great Aunt Virginia Westbrook (1916-2011), and that was the beginning of a yearly tradition. Aunt Virginia loved the cookies. Sometimes she would place orders for them for herself or her friends. In the latter years, Monique would simply think of Aunt Virginia as she was filling orders, and she would send her a dozen.

Later, Monique would send cookies to her graphic design clients as a special Thank You at the holidays. MLA Gourmet grew out of this tradition and was founded in 2008 to offer a fresh, all-natural, and delicious alternative to store bought cookies. She continues to develop premium versions of traditional recipes like Chocolate Chip as well as one-of-a-kind creations like Mochaccino Chocolate Chip.

Monique believes that if you want to indulge your sweet tooth the treat should be worth it. A bland processed cookie filled with artificial ingredients is not worth it; a delicious MLA Gourmet cookie made with pure ingredients and gourmet touches like rum soaked cherries, fresh grated spices, and real butter are.