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Love for MLA Gourmet

You haven’t had a cookie until you’ve had MLA Gourmet Cookies.  They’re DECADENTLY DELICIOUS, NATURALLY INDULGENT and YES, the chocolate chip cookies are to live for so….”Indulge. Naturally.” !!!!!!!!

Cenyce Coleman ~ Atlanta, GA
Founder/Speaker of “Women Who Wait” and
Owner of Sew & Sow ~ Yours Truly, Cenyce

Cenyce Coleman ~ Atlanta, GA: Founder/Speaker of “Women Who Wait” and Owner of Sew & Sow

These cookies are really good! The Oatmeal Raisin cookies are delicious, amazingly light and wholesome. I also loved the Rum Cherry Chocolate Chip cookie, which contains the perfect amount of Rum without being overpowering. As a traditionalist, I can’t forget MLA’s chocolate chip cookie. The right ingredients in perfectly blended proportions make an awesome cookie!

KC Tavares, Brooklyn, NY

“I had the pleasure to taste “MLA Gourmet Cookies” and I have fallen in love!!! The taste is unique and the ingredients blend so well together. When they label it as “GOURMET” the cookie fits that name. Thank you so much and I can’t wait to place many orders.”

Aliyah “Mamapain” Najm, Celebrity mom of Grammy Award Winner “T-Pain”